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Anyone who knows me can tell you I have a sweet spot for cars. It started with an Ď87 Merkur XR4Ti that was temperametal but fun to drive. I spent many weekends fixing this, tuning that. I never really got the car running the way it should have but all told it only let me down twice.

After that I got my first new car, a Ď95 Eclipse GSX. I had wanted one of those for quite a while. A great little car. Again temperamental but very reliable. The battery gave out on me once but I never needed a tow truck. Loved the all wheel drive and turbo charged engine.

Early March 2000 I got my latest toy, a 2000 Audi S4. What a car. This one is not temperamental for a change although there are some maintenance issues that need to be resolved. I guess you canít have a cool car and not have your share of trouble. If you want trouble free but boring driving you buy an Accord or Camry!

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